Delvis Yendra

PhD Scholar

MSc (Transportation Sciences, Hasselt University, Belgium)

Delvis is passionate about road transportation, proven by his educational degrees, both bachelor’s and master’s, relating to this field. Graduating from a Master of Transportation Sciences at the University of Hasselt, Belgium, he was assigned to be a manager in a local public transport company. He was also involved in numerous road safety projects from the Indonesian government, such as road safety campaign design, development of bus driver training through e-learning, and road safety audit. Aligned with his previous academic background and professional experiences, he decided to be a PhD research student at the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety, Queensland University of Technology.


Improving the Safety of Bus Stops in Low-and-Middle-Income Countries


Professor Narelle Haworth and Dr Natalie Watson-Brown


  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Public Transport
  • Driver Safety
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Road Safety Management


  • 2023 Queensland University of Technology Postgraduate Research Awards (QUTPRA) Stipend (International) & RTP Fees Offset (International)
  • 2019 VLIR-UOS (master’s degree scholarship)