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Senior Research Officer

BAppSci (HMS) (Hons), GDipEd (MYS), GradDipPM

Amy Schramm is a Senior Research Officer with 15 years experience at CARRS-Q. She has worked on a number of large projects across a number of research areas, as well as providing support for the development of research ethics applications. She is an experienced road safety researcher who has published and presented research findings nationally and internationally on a range of road safety topics, including vulnerable road users, intelligent transport systems, and older drivers.


  • Cycling safety
  • E-scooter safety
  • Motorcycle safety
  • Driver behaviour in Automated Vehicles
  • Road safety education programs
  • Drink driving education programs
  • Road safety evaluation
  • Railway level crossing safety
  • Older driver safety
  • Highway safety


  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Ethics applications
  • Crash data analysis
  • Designing & conducting surveys
  • Driving simulator studies
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Roadside observational studies