CARRS-Q undertakes research into road safety and injury prevention in order to address the enormous human, economic and social costs resulting from road crashes. We analyse behavioural patterns to develop countermeasures to prevent injury, and are committed to achieving real and long-term results by providing research based information to policy makers and the community.

Since its inception, CARRS-Q has grown to have over 80 staff and students. Our key asset is the dedicated and skilled staff assembled over the last 20 years, whose expertise is augmented by the postgraduate research students who are enrolled and supported through the Centre. Our research encompasses intelligent transport systems, regulation and enforcement, vulnerable road users, transport safety, work-related safety, and school and community injury prevention.

Our multidisciplinary team have expertise in computer science, human factors, psychology, sociology, design, traffic engineering, mathematics and statistics. CARRS-Q exemplifies an approach to shaping and informing public debate that works through long-term partnerships with key government and industry bodies.

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Examples of some of CARRS-Q research interests include:

Prof Andry Rakotonirainy : Autonomous vehicles, driving simulators, ITS, pervasive computing
Dr Andy Bond : Artificial intelligence methods, distributed systems, future transport
Dr Angela Watson : Data linkage, data quality, injury data, data analysis, road safety
Dr Christopher Watling : Sleepiness, psychophysiological data, traffic psychology, driver behaviour, driving simulators
Dr Gregoire Larue : Infrastructure and other transport modes, ITS, rail safety
Dr Ioni Lewis : Road safety advertising, message design and evaluation (and evaluation methodologies), health communication, attitude-behaviour relations, health behaviour change
Dr Jennifer Tichon : Workplace health and safety, human factors and cognitive ergonomics, simulation, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)
Dr Mark King : Translating research into practice, road user behaviour, road safety in developing countries, vulnerable road users, older road users, road safety strategy and policy, road environment and vehicle factors
Emeritus Prof Mary Sheehan : Drink driving, health promotion, rural and remote road safety, school transport safety, youth risk-taking
Dr Matthew Legge : Road safety strategy and policy, road crash and other data sets, evaluation of road safety programs
Prof Narelle Haworth : Road safety, injury prevention, bicycle safety, motorcycle safety, workzone safety
Dr Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios : Human factors engineering, safety science, driver distraction (including mobile phone use), traffic safety, human-systems integration, data analysis
Dr Ronald Schroeter : Human-computer interaction, in-vehicle information systems, interaction design, mobile applications, ubiquitous computing, urban computing,  user experience
Dr Ross Blackman : Road safety, motorcycle and scooter safety, roadworks, rural and remote road safety
Dr Sebastien Demmel : ITS, wireless vehicle-to-vehicle/infrastructure communications, driving simulation, naturalistic data collection, data fusion
Prof Sebastien Glaser :  Intelligent Transportation Systems focusing on Automated Driving Systems in interaction with other road users (drivers, cyclists, pedestrians)
Dr Shamsunnahar Yasmin : Travel behavior, transportation planning, traffic incident management, traffic engineering, application of social media data in transportation, transit demand, sustainable urban transportation, integrated sociodemographic, built environment and land use modeling
Dr Sherrie-Anne Kaye : Young drivers, speeding behaviour, road safety advertising, personality traits, cognitive and neurological measures of processing and attention, psychophysiological measures
Professor Teresa Senserrick : New drivers and motorcyclists, Indigenous road users, education, training and graduated licensing systems, with particular interest in addressing issues for at-risk and disadvantaged road users, including in low socioeconomic and rural/remote communities.
Adjunct Prof Victor Siskind : Epidemiology, road safety, injury prevention, statistical analysis


Andrea McCrindle, Research Manager: or +61 7 3138 4873.