CARRS-Q has successfully developed and maintained a strong research and consultancy profile, collaborative research linkages and activities with government, other universities, commercial organisations and cooperatives.

Whether you have a short-term problem to solve, or are considering a long-term investment in research and development, we can work with you to develop a custom solution to suit your organisation’s needs.

CARRS-Q works closely with Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and actively participated in its successful MIXr stakeholder event.

In addition to research, we provide consulting services to governments and non-government agencies, public and private organisations and community groups throughout Australia and internationally in:

  • road safety
  • injury prevention
  • intelligent transport systems
  • data linkage
  • driver education
  • road user behaviour
  • road safety education
  • international development projects – see capacity building education.


Andrea McCrindle, Research Manager: or +61 7 3138 4873.