In response to the high number of requests we receive from schools for resources, tours and presentations, our range of evidence-based Fact Sheets and Infographics provide up-to-date information on road safety. Below are some additional resources, videos and external links to assist students, teachers and those wanting to deliver programs in schools.

Pre-Licence education

It is important to remember that the crash risk for drivers is highest in the first 6-12 months of solo driving. Young drivers are 60% more likely to be involved in a serious crash than any other age group. Education is paramount to encourage safe driving practices.

Child safety education

Research has shown that, until the age of 9, children’s perceptual and cognitive abilities are not sufficiently developed to allow them to make sound judgements when they’re crossing roads. It’s hard for them to judge vehicle distances and speeds. What’s more, many crashes occur when they impulsively run out between parked cars. Our Hand in Hand safety campaign is all about kids aged 3—9 who are at risk of becoming involved in pedestrian/vehicle crashes.


Other links:

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