CARRS-Q undertakes research to address the enormous human, economic and social costs resulting from road crashes and serious injuries.

How we do this

We analyse the behaviour of all road users to inform the development of countermeasures to prevent injury. CARRS-Q achieves real and long-term results by providing evidence-based information to policymakers and the community. We investigate all aspects of road safety, from the safe introduction of automated vehicles, to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team consists of psychologists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians and public health professionals. We shape and inform public debate through long-term partnerships with government and industry. Our team’s extensive expertise ensures high-quality impactful results are delivered.

Centre for Future Mobility

As the transport and mobility landscape is constantly changing and evolving, CARRS-Q has partnered with other QUT researchers to form a new collaborative research centre. Bringing together a critical mass of researchers from public health, road safety, robotics, engineering, data science and analytics, human machine interface design, data visualisation, urban design, business innovation, law, regulation, ethics, and education, the Centre for Future Mobility will investigate complex transport challenges to define the future of land transport mobility.

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