Validation of CARRS-Q Advanced Driving Simulator for Railway Level Crossing research

CARRS-Q’s Advanced Driving Simulator provides a valuable tool to evaluate new interventions for railway level crossings within a safe environment. A lot of road safety and human factors research has been conducted in driving simulators on a variety of driving performance, but none has focused on railway crossings. It is recognised that a simulator will never provide an accurate reproduction of reality and each simulator produces specific compromises of a real-life situation, so that validation of simulators is necessary to provide confidence in findings using such tool.

In order to support the research conducted by CARRS-Q on level crossings with the simulator, we compared driver behaviour at a selected passive level crossing in the Brisbane region, and the behaviour when replicated in the simulator.


We established relative validity for the stopping compliance and the approach speed. This suggests that driving simulators are an appropriate tool to study the effects of interventions at passive level crossing with low road and rail traffic, which are prone to reduced compliance due to familiarity.


Using driving simulation to understand driver complacency at passive rail level crossings

Funding / Grants

  • QUT (2016)