Understanding high risk recidivist traffic offenders

Recidivist offenders are over-represented in Queensland road crash statistics, and the fact that they are recidivist offenders suggests that they are largely undeterred by current road safety countermeasures.

Consequently, research is needed to understand more about this high risk cohort regarding how best to conceptualise recidivism and the various factors that may contribute to recidivist offending. Increasing knowledge about the factors that contribute to recidivist offending and its relationship to other types of offending behaviour will help to inform the development of effective, targeted countermeasures as well as assist with identifying potentially opportune times for early intervention.

The proposed program of research will have the following outcomes:

1. Enable better targeting of high-risk offenders for intervention;
2. Enhance current countermeasures to better address issues of high-risk recidivists; and
3. Identify opportunities for innovative countermeasures to address the issue of high-risk recidivists (including encouraging the use of alternative transport options).

The project will be largely informed by crash, offence, and debt recovery data provided by key partners in the project, the State Penalty Enforcement Agency and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Funding / Grants

  • MAIC (2019 - 2021)