Truck mounted attenuator, traffic management and driver behaviour research project

Roadwork operations involving short term or mobile lane closures on multilane roads require motorists to transition safely to an open lane before passing the worksite. Where drivers fail to transition safely in such situations, workers and road users face substantial collision and associated injury risks. To address this problem, truck-mounted attenuators (TMA), also known as barrier trucks or bump trucks, are frequently used to provide positive protection for people working on high speed roads and roadsides.

This project aimed to examine driver behaviour and response in relation to the use of TMAs at multilane highway worksites during short term night time operations involving single lane closure. The project aims were achieved though the following tasks:
• A review of available literature
• Observation of specific driver behaviours at road works where TMAs are deployed
• Analysis of the data collected to identify changes in driver behaviour across different traffic management layouts
• Interviews with TMA operators to identify common issues or observations experienced on site

Funding / Grants

  • Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads (2018)