The Safer Scooting Study

E-scooters are a new transport option experiencing rapid uptake, but many people are concerned about their safety. This project will provide an understanding of how and why people use e-scooters and how rider behaviour and safety outcomes change with experience. The anticipated goal of this project is to harness the potential benefits of e-scooters as an efficient replacement for short car trips and a way of improving access to public transport, while minimising the dangers to riders and pedestrians. This knowledge is expected to inform governments at all levels, industry and riders on how to optimise e-scooter design, use and regulation to contribute to improvements in transport, health and environmental outcomes for all Australians.

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If you are aged 18+, live in Australia and have ridden e-scooters in Australia, we invite you to complete a 30-minute online survey about riding e-scooters and receive a $20 e-GIFT CARD. Participants will not be compensated if they use bots and submit duplicates.

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Funding / Grants

  • ARC Linkage Project (2022 - 2025)