Slow Down Move Over Monitoring and Evaluation

In December 2017, the WA Government announced the introduction of the new Slow Down, Move Over (SLOMO) law to provide a safer environment for workers who respond to emergency and breakdown incidents on the road network. The legislation became effective on 2 March 2018 and requires motor vehicle drivers to reduce their speed to 40 km/h when approaching stationary incident response vehicles, moving over or changing lanes where possible and if safe to do so.

This research embodies the monitoring and progressive evaluation of the SLOMO law to inform improvements or adjustments in application of the new road safety rule. The framework for this evaluation will establish a clear methodology for the evaluation of the road rule with respect to its practical implementation, road user attitudes and perceptions to the rule and the road safety benefits attributable to the rule during the 2 year evaluation period.

Funding / Grants

  • WA Road Safety Commission (2018 - 2020)