Slips, trips and falls on trains and at railway stations – Stages 2 & 3

This project was divided into three stages – the first one complete – and this proposal focuses on the last two stages of the project:

Stage 1. Identification of underlying causes and existing interventions

Stage 2. Investigation of how passengers navigate at three selected railway stations around Brisbane and trains (within 20 kilometres) and identify potential factors that contribute to STF

Stage 3. Investigation of high risk rail users’ behaviours at railway stations and recommendations

In Scope: For the second stage of the project, the following items are in scope:

  • Mapping of railway stations / train characteristics and observations at stations, including interventions against STFs (if present at the selected stations);
  • Interviews of rail users to collect demographic data and obtain subjective evaluations of the factors leading to slips, trips and falls.

For the third stage of the project, the following items are in scope:

  • Identification of what high risk rail passengers are looking at which might be the cause of a fall using an eye-tracking system;
  • Recommendations and framework proposals


New research using eye-tracking technology to investigate train-related falls

Funding / Grants

  • Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (2016 - 2019)


Other Team Members

This project also included researchers from QUT's Design Lab.