"SexDrive" An investigation on sex-related distractions while driving

In Australia, at least 16% of fatal crashes involve distraction, but due to the difficulties in studying distraction-related crashes, this number is believed to be much higher. Not all distracted drivers are the same, and some behaviours are riskier than others. When factors such as problematic technology use and sexual pleasure intersect, drivers might find themselves in riskier circumstances and could require more aggressive interventions. Emergent research has highlighted that sex while driving is a common practice that has received little attention by researchers and practitioners.
Phase 1: A content analysis of sexually explicit videos (SEV)

Of interest of this research, there is a gap in the literature regarding the risk of amateur SEV makers who use driving settings as the environment for their videos. We hypothesised that the driving task will be impaired, given that drivers will be engaging in at least two potential distractions: sexual activity and film making (typically with a mobile phone). The main research questions proposed are:
1. What are the most frequent sexual activities filmed while driving?
2. What are the characteristics of participants engaging in filmed sexual activities while driving?
3. How sex while driving, as depicted in amateur movies, interferes with driving?
4. What kind of traffic characteristics are more prevalent in amateur sexual activities while driving videos.

Funding / Grants

  • IHBI Seeding Grant (2019 - 2020)