Research proposal to reduce the crash involvement of taxis in Queensland: Development of Driving Safety Resources and Further Analyses

This project followed on from the completion of the initial MAIC funded project Reducing the Crash Involvement of Taxis in Queensland: Situational Analysis and Crash and Exposure Analyses, to further expand on the research aimed at reducing the crash involvement of taxis in Queensland by addressing a number of key issues identified in the earlier project.

There were two main objectives:

  1. Develop resources such as a Taxi Industry Driving Safety Guide relevant and applicable to the Queensland taxi industry; and
  2. Conduct further in-depth analyses of Queensland taxi crash data particularly investigating the incidents involving pedestrians and taxi crashes of an occupied versus unoccupied nature.


New road safety manual for taxi industry



Funding / Grants

  • Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) (2016 - 2017)