Reducing risky mobile phone use while driving among fleet drivers: A High-Risk Activity Management Approach (HRAMA)

This research project was designed to support Urban Utilities’ transition from the current safe work driving policy of “Golden Rule-Driving Safely” to a High-Risk Activity Management Approach (HRAMA) for fleet vehicles, through:

  1. Provision of evidence-based guidelines for the use of mobile phones through Bluetooth technology;
  2. Co-design of the HRAMA related to distracted driving; and
  3. Evaluation of the HRAMA implementation.

The HRAMA is underpinned by two pillars: “Set and Forget” Approach and “Freedom in a Framework” Approach. Following the implementation of the HRAMA framework, policies that support a reduction in distracted driving were implemented and a reduction in mobile phone use when driving by fleet drivers was observed.

Funding / Grants

  • Queensland Urban Utilities (2020 - 2021)