PhD Research: Bus Driver Occupational Hazards, Shiftwork, and Driver Education in the Philippines

This research aims to determine how the socio-political structure of the private mass transport sector influences the occupational health and safety of city bus drivers in the Philippines.

The research is divided into three studies: (1) analysis of the socio-political structure of the private bus sector in the Philippines, (2) identification of how this structure impacts upon the occupational health of drivers and their road use behaviours, and (3) to determine factors contributing to poor occupational health and safety impacts, such as level of road safety knowledge and level of general health knowledge.

This research will make use of mixed method (quantitative and qualitative) research methodology. Surveys will be conducted among bus drivers in Manila, the political and economic hub of the Philippines—National Capital Region. Probability sampling will be utilized to ensure that the quantitative data gathered can be generalized. Qualitative methods, such as key informant interviews, key expert interviews, and focus group discussions will also be employed among bus drivers and operators in the National Capital Region.

Funding / Grants

  • QUT Research Training Program International Scholarship (2018 - 2022)