Options for rehabilitation in interlock programs

In response to an Austroads tender to investigate options for rehabilitation in alcohol interlock programs, the Centre undertook a program of research and consultancy. The program included four objectives:

  • Development of a matrix outlining existing policies in national and international jurisdictions with respect to treatment and rehabilitation programs and criteria for eligibility for interlock removal;
  • Critical review of the available literature with a focus on evaluation outcomes regarding the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation programs;
  • Analysis and assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the programs/approaches identified;
  • Development of options with an evidence base for consideration by licensing authorities.

Eleven recommendations have resulted from this program of research but overall the project recommended a stepped care model which requires all participants to attend education and screening and then requires participants who fail to change their behaviour to attend increasingly intensive rehabilitation programs. Failure to complete an interlock program could result in participants having their licence revoked.

Funding / Grants

  • Austroads (2013 - 2014)