Mobile phone use while operating a conditional automated vehicle: The effects on young drivers' takeback control

Conditional (Level 3) Automated Vehicles (AVs) are expected to be available to the public within the next few years and refer to vehicles where all critical functions of the vehicle are automated, however, the driver must be in the position to take back control of the vehicle when the vehicle indicates as such. The purpose of this research is to examine young drivers’ (aged 17-25 years) take-back control of a Conditional AV while drivers are engaged in one of three difference communication tasks using their smartphone (i.e., reading and sending text messages, answering a phone call, or using social media; distraction condition 1), completing a working memory task (i.e., n-back count task; distraction condition 2), or monitoring the road conditions (no distraction task, control condition). The experiment will be conducted using the CARRS-Q Advanced Driving Simulator.

Funding / Grants

  • IHBI Early Career Research Grant (2019)