LC18 – Pedestrian LED visual warning device

KiwiRail initiated a programme to evaluate whether LED visual warning devices installed on the ground – referred to as illuminated in-ground pads – are an effective innovative solution to combat pedestrians’ complacency and inattention at level crossings. This study specifically focused on evaluating the effects of this new signage on pedestrians who are distracted by a mobile device (visual or audio). This project assessed how visual scanning and looking for train behaviour change with the introduction of the illuminated in-ground pads as a way to confirm whether the activation of the lights are effective at attracting the attention of pedestrians distracted by mobile devices or headphones. The evaluation used a mixed approach methodology, combining objective data measurements from an eye tracking system (where pedestrians are looking when approaching level crossings), with qualitative information to understand and contextualise gaze behaviour.


‘Distracted walkers’: Can flashing footpath LEDs break the smartphone spell?
Varningsljus i gatan kan rädda fotgängare med mobil

Funding / Grants

  • Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (2017 - 2018)