LC17 Investigating the use of train horns at rail level crossings

This research will investigate the efficacy of the train horn use as a warning device at level crossings. Based on an initial search, information about the effectiveness of train horns as a device for warning level crossing users appears to be sparse. Due to changes in the road and rail environment (traffic volume, noise) around the use of train horns, and in road user distraction (pedestrians/cyclists with headsets, motorists in soundproofed vehicles) there are questions about whether train horns are as beneficial as they once were. This research project aims to assess the safety benefits of train horn sounding on approach to level crossings and to review alternative options. It will consider the specific benefits of train horns for both active and passive level crossings, as well as the geographical context (urban, rural) and types of level crossing users (motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists).

Funding / Grants

  • Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (2017 - 2019)