Identifying new approaches to addressing the hoon behaviour of drivers in local communities

CARRS-Q completed a project on behalf of the Victorian Department of Transport to find new ways to address hoon behaviours. While hooning (e.g., street racing and speed trials, burnouts, donuts, drifting) only contributes to a small number of road crash fatalities and serious injuries it poses considerable potential risks to drivers, passengers and bystanders as well as the general community.

The project aimed to identify interventions and legislation used to curb hoon behaviours and understand the motivations and associated factors with hoon behaviours both within Australia and Internationally.

The proposed research was part of a larger project being delivered under Victoria’s Road Safety Strategy 2021 – 2030 that aims to halve deaths by 2030 and put Victoria on a strong path to eliminate all road deaths by 2050.

The findings of the project will support the work and recommendations to the Victorian Government on options to enhance and support the deterrence of hoon behaviours.

Funding / Grants

  • Victorian Department of Transport (2022)