Examining barriers associated with the uptake and acceptability of Advanced Rider Assistance Systems

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and represent a significant proportion of road fatalities and hospitalisations. Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) can reduce crashes and serious injuries. However, motorcyclists’ acceptance and appropriate use of these technologies are crucial to their effectiveness.

Although there has been some research on riders’ acceptance of ARAS this research project is unique as it will apply two well-validated theoretically-based frameworks to understand the barriers and facilitators associated with riders’ intentions to use ARAS: 1) Theory of Planned Behavior and 2) Step approach to Message Design and Testing. Most notably, this research is significant and innovative in that a range of educational message concepts will be devised as tangible outcomes of the project. These messages will aim to encourage greater use of ARAS.

Funding / Grants

  • Road Safety Innovation Fund (2021 - 2023)