Evaluation of the Road Attitudes and Action Program (RAAP)

The Road Attitudes and Action Planning (RAAP), an initiative of QFES operational firefighters, provides road safety information to young people to enable them to make informed decisions to mitigate risks and their consequences, mainly by planning ahead. Using the trusted status of firefighters, RAAP reaches approximately 28,500 Year 11 students.

CARRS-Q will conduct an evaluation of the program and provide recommendations for its optimisation.

The project will be completed in two phases:

Stage 1 –  a pilot (completed) – A literature review has been finalised and presented to QFES. A 4th year honours student has completed her research piloting the survey. Findings of the survey will be presented at ICTTP 2022 by Adjunct Professor Divera Twisk.

Stage 2 – a full project (2021-2022) – A process and impact evaluation via a pre- and post-program survey has been developed to assess the extent to which program goals are achieved. The research will focus on the extent to which the content and execution of the program broadly improves the safety perceptions and behavioural intentions of young people. The evaluation is anticipated to be conducted over 12 months.