Evaluation of the Puuya Approach

This project is a collaborative one between the Puuya Foundation of Lockhart River and QUT. The Foundation is funding QUT to research the Puuya Approach and identify if and how this approach is contributing to community capacity building and outcomes in the Lockhart River community. The project team formed at QUT brings together researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds relevant to the project, including trained and experienced researchers in conducting Indigenous community-based research.

‘Puuya’ means life force in the traditional Kuuku Ya’u language; one of the six major local Indigenous language groups. The Foundation’s work, based on strong, mutually respectful relationships with the community, seeks to empower this isolated community in Cape York, Queensland, to set goals and visons for their future.

Project Update

Following co-design workshops with the Puuya Foundation, the QUT team made their first visit to Lockhart River in November 2019 to make introductions and build relationships within the community. Already rich knowledge is being shared, with further co-design workshops planned and research visits in early 2020.

Funding / Grants

  • Puuya Foundation (2019 - 2020)

Other Team Members

This project also includes researchers from QUT's School of Psychology and Counselling, School of Nursing, School of Public Health and Social Work and QUT Business School.