Drink Driving Education Program Framework and Curriculum Development

Reducing drink driving is a priority of Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-21 and associated Road Safety Action Plans. The Department of Transport and Main Roads commissioned CARRS-Q to develop a framework and curriculum for a comprehensive drink driving education program linked with interlocks. It targets first and repeat drink driving offenders, with the goal of reducing the incidence of reoffending amongst convicted drink drivers. The curriculum for the education program has two components:

  • a brief intervention of approximately one hour in length, intended to be delivered online, and
  • a more extensive repeat offender education program.


The curriculum for the education program was developed and was accepted by TMR. The curriculum has two components, and offenders will complete one version of the program depending on whether they are a first-time or repeat offender.

The program includes:

A broad framework that guides the development of content for the two programs. Including options for the Repeat Offender Education Program (ROEP) in relation to delivering programs in remote areas of Queensland and offenders with specific needs (for example, CALD groups and single parents). This may be a condensed/more intensive program.

  • A curriculum outline plan and curriculum/content and supporting materials to form the basis of an online Brief Intervention (BI).
  • A pool of questions based on the BI content that can be used for purposes of testing understanding and the assessment of learning.
  • A curriculum outline plan, curriculum/content, teacher guide and any supporting materials for a ROEP.

Funding / Grants

  • Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (2018 - 2020)