Distracted driving program

This distracted driving program of research had three goals:

  1. Understand the potentially addictive nature of smartphones for young drivers;
  2. Use the research to develop effective messaging and resources for the use of mobility clubs; and
  3. Begin a national discussion about smartphone addiction potentially interplays with distraction and crashes, and offer solutions.

To address these goals, CARRS-Q conducted three research projects:

  1. Investigate a possible link between addiction and smartphone use while driving and strategies one may use to reduce/prevent smartphone use (Project 1);
  2. Examined existing naturalistic and simulator studies to quantify the impact of smartphone use on driving, and compare this to other risky driving behaviours (Project 2); and
  3. Develop a methodology that can be applied internationally to track perception and attitudes (Project 3).

The comprehensive program of research assisted the AAA to develop a distracted driving educational Toolkit.

Funding / Grants

  • AAA (2018 - 2019)

Other Team Members

QUT School of Psychology & Counselling QUT Science and Engineering Faculty