Development and trial of road safety countermeasures for international visitors to Queensland

The aim of this project was to understand the characteristics of both the people visiting Queensland and the types of road crashes they are involved in. Specifically, this project aimed to investigate the epidemiology of crashes involving international visitors and to develop and pilot test targeted communications/educational countermeasures. The project achieved this aim by:

  1. Examining the characteristics of international visitors to, and the types of travel they undertake in, Queensland.
  2. Investigating the types, locations, and factors contributing to road crashes that international visitors to Queensland are involved in.
  3. Exploring road safety issues for international visitors (according to key profile groups identified in the preceding study stage) together with identifying the means by which to disseminate road safety information/materials.
  4. Conducting an audit to identify any existing educational materials addressing road safety for international visitors and understand more about individuals’ responses to such materials.
  5. Investigating how international drivers and Queensland domestic drivers differ in their perceptions of potential hazards in given driving contexts.

Funding / Grants

  • Department of Transport and Main Roads (2018 - 2021)

Chief Investigators