Developing universal alert design principles beyond healthcare: A multi-industry analysis

This project aimed to answer a critical question not previously investigated: how does alert fatigue manifest across different industries? Following exposure to a high volume of safety or security alerts, users could stop paying attention and so miss or neglect some, most, or all alerts presented. This phenomenon, called ‘alert fatigue’, is a significant problem and has been linked to operator errors, harm and fatalities.

This project provided new evidence to inform the design of future computerised alerts, ensuring their security and safety benefits are realised, to improve health and productivity in Australia.


(1) An investigation of the manifestation of alert fatigue across different key Australian industries such as healthcare, transport, financial services, law enforcement, and cyber behaviour.
(2) Identification of universal human factors design principles which should underpin the alert design, to minimise the effects of alert fatigue.

Funding / Grants

  • IHBI (2019 - 2020)

Other Team Members

QUT Digital Media Research Centre, School of Public Health and Social Work, School of Justice, and School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.