Developing technology to improve bicyclist safety at intersections

The reduction of crashes involving motor vehicles and cyclists at road intersections is a key priority in the National Road Safety Strategy. There is a significant gap in the literature and practice that no proactive safety alert systems exist to assist cyclists in managing intersection crash risks. This project aims to trial an innovative Personalised Safety Alert System (PSAS) for cyclists.

The PSAS will be evaluated in real-world intersections in a naturalistic study setting after rigorous prototype testing. The field trial data will be analysed using surrogate safety assessment techniques to provide quantitative evidence of the effectiveness of the PSAS in reducing fatal and serious injury crash risk. Existing studies of similar systems for motorcycles and mopeds showed promising results in reducing fatal and serious injury crash risk.

Funding / Grants

  • Road Safety Innovation Fund (2021 - 2023)

Other Team Members

This research will be led by Deakin University.