Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving (CHAD) Safety Study

The Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving (CHAD) Safety Study has delivered a cooperative and (highly) automated vehicle (CAV) prototype research platform (known as ZOE2) and local expertise base. This will enable a comprehensive safety study to inform government policy and direction.

This iMOVE project is part of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads’ CHAD Pilot, which will help prepare for the arrival of CAVs with safety, mobility and environmental benefits on Australian roads.

Although CAVs offer potential to significantly reduce accidents caused by human error, they also introduce new safety challenges. A safety study exploring a range of CAV impacts and benefits will be delivered using a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Level 4 Electric CAV prototype research platform (ZOE2). Five Work Packages (WP) will lay the technical and human factor foundations for safe introduction of CAVs to Australian roads – providing an evidence-base to support government policy and decision-making, and future CAV development by industry. The study will develop recommendations regarding how to make CAVs and associated infrastructure more resilient to road safety risks, as well as to increase public awareness about CAV to encourage uptake and benefits realisation.

Call for Participants

We are currently seeking 60 qualified drivers to drive and be driven by ZOE2 around a test track.

If selected, participants will attend a 1-hour session in March at the RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence in Mt Cotton. They will spend up to 30 minutes in the driver’s seat of ZOE2, sitting alongside an expert driver who can take control of the vehicle if needed.

All participants will answer questions about their experience, and they will also be filmed during the test drive. These cameras will observe and record the participant’s head position and line of sight during the drive.

Participants will be paid $100 (as a gift voucher) for completing the study:
• If a participant completes only the first questionnaire (i.e., fails to show up for their scheduled appointment at the test track), they will not receive reimbursement.
• If the participant withdraws before signing the consent form, they will not receive reimbursement.
• If the participant withdraws after signing consent, but before starting the driving portion of the study (during training, for example) they will receive a partial payment of $50.
• If the participant withdraws during the driving portion of the study, they will still receive the full $100.


  1. Read the Participant Information Sheet to ascertain whether you fit the criteria.
  2. If so, complete the online eligibility application.

Read the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form relating to this study:


2020 ITS Australia National Award Finalist – Automated Vehicle Category
2019 ITS Australia National Award Winner – Automated Vehicle Category


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Funding / Grants

  • iMOVE CRC, Queensland Government (2018 - 2023)