CoopEcoSafe: A new cooperative, green and safe driving system

Road transport plays a vital role in our economy but generates huge costs in road trauma and greenhouse gases. Eco-driving has been trialed as a cost-effective approach to reducing fuel consumption, but little research has examined its effects on safety.

This research brought together disciplines of road safety, psychology and engineering to address the fundamental question: How can mobility be greener while being safer? It developed:

  1. a new theoretical model that optimises environmental and safety outcomes;
  2. a new persuasive in-vehicle Human Machine Interface supported by cooperative Intelligent Transport System; and
  3. a comprehensive benefits evaluation.

This research will bring major improvements to both road safety and energy use.


SBS Persian interview with CARRS-Q PhD Scholars’ on their fuel-saving device

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Discovery Grant (2014 - 2016)