C-ITS Pilot Field Operational Test & Evaluation

The iMOVE CRC is a consortium of 45 business, research and government partners which, through collaborative projects, will use data and emerging technology to improve the ways Australia moves.

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) will enable vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure. The driver of a vehicle would then be alerted about potential hazards or be provided with traffic information.

To be delivered by Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads, this project’s objectives are as follows:

  • validate the impacts and safety benefits of C-ITS, and user perceptions
  • demonstrate technologies and build public awareness and uptake
  • grow government’s technical and organisational readiness
  • encourage partnerships and build capability in private and public sectors.

Involving 500 participants, this project aims to contribute to the establishment of a standardised methodology, support the collection of the data through participant management, and evaluate this core data set. This data will be used by transport agencies – local, state and federal – to support the investment of infrastructure, both digital and physical, that supports emerging C-ITS. In the future, this data and results could also be used by others to perform, compare or supplement an evaluation.

Participate in Research

Research participants needed Public’s awareness of Cooperative In-Vehicle Transport Technologies


Testing new tech in cars of the future led by QUT research
CAVI 500-vehicle C-ITS Field Operational Test
Vehicle trial to boost road safety

Funding / Grants

  • iMOVE CRC (2017 - 2020)