An evaluation of the RACQ Docudrama program

This theoretically-guided investigation extended upon an earlier study conducted by CARRS-Q in collaboration with RACQ in 2014. The aim of the current research was to assess the effects of the Docudrama program upon students and to understand how these effects are achieved by the program. In particular, the aims of the research project were to:
1.            Determine the effects of the program on students’ reported intentions and willingness to engage in safe behaviours, both as a passenger and as a driver;
2.            Identify factors which predict and explain young people’s intentions, willingness, and behaviour so as to provide insight into the manner in which the Docudrama program may be functioning to influence them;
3.            Compare and contrast the effects of the RACQ Docudrama program on students’ intentions, willingness and behaviour in regional areas, to those in metropolitan areas; and
4.            Determine the extent to which male and female students differ in their responses.

Funding / Grants

  • RACQ (2017 - 2018)