Postgraduate Completions

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)/ Doctor of Health Science (DHSc)

Suhaila Abdul Hanan Suhaila Abdul Hanan
BBA Transport, MSc Transportation Planning, PhD

An application of an extended theory of planned behaviour to understand drivers’ compliance with the school zones speed limit in Australia and Malaysia

Yusuf Adinegoro Yusuf Adinegoro
MEng, MSc, PhD

Using instrumented motorcycle data to study road factors influencing motorcycle crash risk

Islam Ahmed Said Al Bulushi
BHlthSc (Public Health), European Master of Science in International Health, PhD

Heavy vehicle safety in Oman: A situational analysisFaculty of Health Executive Dean Commendation 2018

Alicia Allan
BPschSc, MOrgPsych, PhD

Influences on sleep-wake behaviour in older adults and community dementia care: Light exposure and partner impact

  Mudhar Abdulmalik Ghassan Al Mazruii
BEd, HDip (Law & PoliceSc), MPsych, PhD

Policing road safety in Oman: Perceptions of deterrence and organisational alignment

Tamara Banks Tamara Banks
BPsych(Hons), MPsychOrg, PhD

An investigation into how work-related road safety can be enhanced

  Peter Barraclough
AssocDipJazz, BA(Hons), PhD

Common method variance and other sources of bias in road traffic research 

Lyndel Bates Lyndel Bates
BCom(Hons), BBehSc, DipMkt(Res), PhD

The experiences of learner drivers, provisional drivers and supervisors with Graduated Driver Licensing in two Australian jurisdictions

Ross Blackman Ross Blackman
BSSc(Hons), PhD

The increased popularity of mopeds and motor scooters: Exploring usage patterns and safety outcomes

Lisa Buckley Lisa Buckley
BPsych(Hons), PhD

A peer-based intervention to prevent risk-taking in adolescents: The design, implementation and evaluation

Keith Butler

Zero harm: Myth or reality

  Joao Costa Canoquena

Developing a theoretical framework for improved practical application of a coordinated response in road safety

Jesani Catchpoole Jesani Catchpoole
BHlthSc, PhD

Developing and evaluating approaches for utilising injury data to support product safety initiatives

Rebekah Chapman Rebekah Chapman
BPsySc(Hons), PhD

Development of school connectedness as a component of an injury prevention program for early adolescents

Samantha Chen Samantha Chen
BCompSc(Hons), DipEngInfor, MSCompSci, PhD

Mining patterns and factors contributing to crash severity on road curves

Tamzyn Davey Tamzyn Davey
BSocSc(Psych)(Hons), MPH, PhD

Evaluation of a workplace alcohol and other drug policy

Sebastien Demmel Sébastien Demmel
BEng, MEng(Electronics), PhD

Building an augmented map for road risk assessment

James Damsere Derry

The prevalence of alcohol use among road users and its impact on traffic crash severity in Ghana

  Kelly Dingli
BBehavSci(Psych)(Hons), PhD

Engaging delinquent adolescents in a school-based injury prevention program

Colin Edmonston Colin Edmonston
BA(Hons)Psych, GradCert(Road Safety), PhD

Profiling Indigenous & non-Indigenous road trauma in rural and remote North Queensland: it’s not all black and white

Jason Edwards Jason Edwards
BBehSc(Psych)(Hons), PhD

Safety Culture and the Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry: A concept in chaos – an industry in need

Emma Enraght-Moony
BSc(Psych), PGBSc(Psych)(Hons), PhD

Designing A Continuum of Quality External Cause of Injury Information in Queensland: From Ambulance to Hospital

  Elliot Fishman
BAppSc(Pod), PhD

Bike share: barriers, facilitators and impacts on car use

Michelle Fitts Michelle Fitts
BSc(Psych), GradDip(Crim), PhD

An investigation into drink driving among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in regional and remote Queensland and the development of the ‘Hero to Healing’ program

Judy Fleiter Judy Fleiter
BA, BPsych(Hons), PhD

Examining psychosocial influences on speeding in Australian and Chinese contexts: a social learning approach

Graham Fraine Graham Fraine
BPsych(Hons), PhD

At home on the road? Territoriality and driver behaviour

James Freeman James Freeman
BSSc(Hons)(Psych), PhD

Influencing recidivist drink drivers’ entrenched behaviours: The self-reported outcomes of three countermeasures

Nicole French Nicole French
BA(Hons)(Psych), PhD

Identity stressors associated with the reintegration experiences of Australasian undercover police officers

Cassandra Gauld Cassandra Gauld
BA (Psychology, Sociology), PGDipEd, PGDipPsych, BBehSc(Psych Hons 1)

A theory-based approach to the development and evaluation of public education messages aimed at social interactive technology use among young drivers

  Sepehr Ghasemi Dehkordi
MSc (Control & Automation Eng.), PhD

Towards an optimal model for a green and safe driving

Heidi Hassan

The applicability of the precaution adoption process model in understanding older adults’ self-regulatory driving behaviours

Helen Haydon Helen Haydon

BPsych(Hons), PhD

Exploring cultural, social and psychosocial influences on women’s drinking across age cohorts

Paul Higgins Paul Higgins

CertEng(Elec&CompEng), GradDipBusAdmin, GradDipAdultEdu, MBA(Comn), PhD

Reducing uncertainty in new product development

Sarah Jebb Sarah Jebb
BBehSc(Psych)(Hons), PhD

Reducing workplace safety incidents : bridging the gap between safety culture theory and practice

George Jia George Keqin Jia
BMed, GradCertEnvHlth, MAppSc, PhD

An investigation of the knowledge and practices relating to drink driving among Chinese drivers

Mark King Mark King
BSc(Hons), MBA, PhD

Case studies of the transfer of road safety knowledge and expertise from western countries to Thailand and Vietnam, using an ecological road safety space model: elephants in traffic and rice cooker helmets

Gregoire Larue Grégoire Larue
MSc, MEng, Licence (Mathematics), DEUG (SM), PhD

Predicting effects of monotony on driver’s vigilance

Nerida Leal Nerida Leal
BPsySc(Hons), PhD

Illegal street racing and associated hooning behaviours

Ioni Lewis Ioni Lewis
BSc, BPsych(Hons), PhD

Factors that influence the effectiveness of advertising countermeasures in road safety

Bill Loveday

Prescription opioid analgesic drug misuse: What can we learn from Doctor-shopping behaviour

  Janelle MacKenzie
BA(Psych), PGradDipPsych, PhD

Mothers’ sleepiness and driving in the postpartum period

Husnain Malik Husnain Malik
BSc(CompSc), MDigComm, PhD

An assessment system for evaluation of driving competencies

Peter Martin
BA(JusticeAdmin), ExecMPubAdmin, PhD

The role for police in addressing alcohol-related harm inside and outside licensed premises

Rebecca Michael Rebecca Michael
BPsych(Hons), PhD

An examination of monotony and hypovigilance, independent of fatigue: relevance to road safety

Bahareh Nakisa

BEng(Software Engineering), MSc(Computer Science), PhD

Emotion classification using advanced machine learning techniques applied to wearable physiological signals data

Sharon Newnam Sharon Newnam
BSSc(Hons) Psych, PhD

Multilevel organisational structure in the management of fleet safety

Sharon O'Brien Sharon O’Brien

BSSc(Hons)(Psych), PhD

The psychosocial factors influencing aggressive driving behaviour

Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios
BEng (Ind & Sys Eng), MSc (Stats & Op Res), PhD (Human Factors Engineering)

A new model for human behavioural adaptation in distracted driving
Gavan Palk Gavan Palk

BA, GradDipCoun, MPhil(Psych), PhD

The nature and extent of policing alcohol related crime and reducing violence in and around late night entertainment areas

Candice Potter
BBusMan(Hons), MAppSci (Social Policy), PhD

Challenging the focus of journey management: Exploring the influences of miners’ driving decisions at the end of shifts

Bianca Reveruzzi Bianca Reveruzzi
BPsych(Hons), PhD

The protective mechanisms of first aid training within a school-based program for early adolescents

David Rodwell David Rodwell
BBus(Hotel and Catering Management), BBehSc(Hons), PhD

Investigating perceptions of emerging technology in driver education

Colette Roos Colette Roos
BSc(Psych)(Hons), PhD

An examination of investigative interview techniques using road crash incidents as stimuli

Kalina Rossa Kalina Rossa
BSc(Hons), PhD

Risk taking behavior in young adults: The role of sleep and associated psychophysiological states

Peter Rowden Peter Rowden
BPsych(Hons), DipBus, PhD

Development and formative evaluation of a motorcycle rider training intervention to address risk taking

Bevan Rowland

An exploration into work-related road safety: A multi-dimensional approach

Michael Rowlands
BA (Hons – Psych), PhD

Dangerous sex offenders: Recidivism and risk factors associated with serious sexual offending

Rusdi Bin Rusli
BSc (Hons) (Civil Engineering), MEd (Technical and Vocational), PhD

Traffic safety along rural mountainous highways in Malaysia

  Socheata Sann

Developing effective policies to reduce disability from road crashes in Cambodia

Bridie Scott-Parker Bridie Scott-Parker
BSc, BPsych(Hons), PhD

A comprehensive investigation of the risky behaviour of young novice drivers

Jane Shakespeare-Finch Jane Shakespeare-Finch
BSSc(Hons) Psych, PhD

Posttraumatic growth in emergency ambulance personnel: The roles of personality and coping

  Lauren Shaw
BBehavSci, BPsychSci(Hons), PhD

It’s the thought that counts: developing a model of driver aggression by exploring the underlying cognitive processes

  Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo
MSc(OccHlth), PhD

Effects of light and caffeine on human sleepiness and alertness: A simulated driving experiment

Tanya Smyth Tanya Smyth

BPsych(Hons), PhD

Hospital outpatient responses to potential driving impairment due to prescribed medications

Klaire Somoray

BBehavSc (Hons) Psych, PhD

Beyond safety compliance: An investigation of proactive safety behaviours in the work-related driving context

  Teodora Stefanova

MSc(Psych), PhD

Factors shaping pedestrians’ unsafe behaviour at actively protected level crossings

Fabius Steinberger

BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD

Risky gadgets to the rescue – Reframing in-car technology use as task engagement

Dale Steinhardt Dale Steinhardt

BPsych, PGradDipPsych, PhD

Development of an evidence-based framework to guide injury prevention interventions for off-road motorcyclists

Gayle Sticher Gayle Sticher

BA(Hons), MClinPsych, MAPsS, PhD

Barriers to the acceptance of road safety programmes among rural road users: Developing a brief intervention

Navid Tahir Muhammed Navid Tahir
MPubHlthSc, PhD

Road safety aspects of motorcycle rickshaws in Pakistan

Getu Segni Tulu Getu Segni Tulu
MSc CivilEng, PhD

Pedestrian crashes in Ethiopia: Identification of contributing factors through modelling of exposure and road environment variables

Atiyeh Vaezipour
BEng, MSc (CompSci), PhD (HCI)

Design and development of an in-vehicle human machine interface for eco-safe driving

Rabbani Rash-ha Wahi Rabbani Rash-ha Wahi
BSc CivilEng, PhD

Towards an understanding of the factors associated with severe injuries to cyclists in crashes with motor vehicles

Angela Wallace Angela Wallace
BNurs, GradDipEd, MPH, PhD
Motorist behaviour at railway level crossings: the present context in Australia
Christopher Watling Christopher Watling
BBehavSc(Psych), PostGradDipPsych, MAppSc, PhD

The sleep and wake drives: Exploring the genetic and psychophysiological aspects of sleepiness, motivation, and performance

Hanna Watling Hanna Watling
BBehavSc(Psych)(Hons), PhD

Understanding the nature and impact of mature-aged women’s alcohol culture

Angela Watson Angela Watson
BA(Psych)(Hons), MHS, PhD

Piecing the puzzle together: enhancing the quality of road trauma surveillance through linkage of police and health data

Barry Watson Barry Watson
BA(Hons), GradDip(SciSoc), PhD

The psychosocial characteristics and on-road behaviour of unlicensed drivers

Clive Williams Clive Williams
BA(Psych)(Hons), PhD

Stealing a car to be a man: the importance of cars and driving in the gender identity of adolescent males

Hollie Wilson Hollie Wilson
BPsych, PhD

Reducing recidivism by first time drink driving offenders

Darren Wishart Darren Wishart
BBehSc(Psych)(Hons), MOrgPsych, PhD

The challenge of developing a fleet driving risk assessment tool: What can be learned from the process?

Ides Wong Ides Wong
BBehSc(Psych)(Hons), PhD

Sustaining safety and mobility amongst older adults: The Multilevel Older Driver Self-regulation Model

Masters by Research

Melissa Bailey
BBehavSc(psych), GradCert Crime Analysis, MAppSc

Understanding the impact of legislative changes on child car seating and restraint practices in regional Queensland

Helmut Ernst
GradDipRdSafety, MAppSc

Evolving a synergistic approach to road safety: an appraisal of the project management, stakeholder engagement and change facilitation (PSC) approach by means of two case studies

Wanda Griffin
BDesign, MAppSc

Male and female, cyclist and driver perceptions of crash risk in critical road situations

Susan Hart
BA(Hons)(Psych), MAppSc

Organisational barriers and facilitators to the effective operation of Random Breath Testing (RBT) in Queensland

Ahsan Kayani
LLB, BSc, GradCertRdSafety, MAppSc

Fatalism, superstition, religion and culture: Road user beliefs and behaviour in Pakistan

Kerrie Livingstone
BBehavSc(Psych), MAppSc

A comparison of the psychological, social, and legal factors contributing to speeding and drink driving behaviour

Jae Won Oh
BA(Psych), GradDipPsych, MAppSc

Driver licensing experience of Korean Australian novice drivers

Naomi Richards
BPsych(Hons), MAppSc

Fatigue and beyond : patterns of, and motivations for illicit drug use among long haul truck drivers

Hossein Rouzikhah
BCivEng, MSc(CivEng), MAppSc

Examining the effects of an eco-driving system on driver distraction

David Soole
BA(Crim&CrimJus), BBehavSc, MAppSc

The relationship between drivers’ perceptions toward police speed enforcement and self-reported speeding behaviour

Deborah Tunnicliff
BA, MAppSc

Psychosocial factors contributing to motorcyclists’ intended riding style: an application of an extended version of the theory of planned behaviour

Christopher Watling
BBehavSc(Psych), PostGradDipPsych, MAppSc(Research)

Stop and revive? : the effectiveness of nap and active rest breaks for reducing driver sleepiness