Buthaina Al Kindi

PhD Scholar

BA (Sociology), American University, Cairo, 1984

Mrs Al Kindi has had a prestigious career in the Ministry of Social Development Oman. She has held positions including the Director of Special Care at the Ministry, and more recently as the Director of the Road Safety Research Program at The Research Council in Oman and was in fact one of the initiators of this program. After her early retirement from the ministry Mrs Al Kindi served as the Director of Early Intervention Program, and Social Mobilisation Advocate in the World Health Organisation.

Designing a culturally appropriate evaluation model for Oman’s Research Council Road Safety Research Program”

The purpose of this research is to design an evaluation theoretical framework that not only promotes and enables effective evaluation strategies but additionally and most importantly, recognises the cultural context in which this program will be operational.

The first study identified the key characteristics of existing evaluation approaches that are based on western perspectives and therefore led to the proposal for a combined model. The appropriateness and validity of the proposed model was then explored through a fieldwork process in Oman and further refined utilising the fieldwork data obtained. It was identified that the socio-cultural perspectives and characteristics of Oman and its population had not been adequately considered. It was recognised as essential that the unique Islamic-Arab-Omani based cultural understandings of evaluation approaches needed to be integrated into the proposed model.

The second study plans to consider program evaluation theory, the impact and influence of culture and identify any specific cultural barriers that could effect on the successful implementation of the proposed model in Oman.
The research ultimately seeks to create a unique, research-based model to evaluate the TRC/RSRP which is designed to fit the contextual situation that suits local conditions, the political framework, and prevailing culture of Oman.


Professor Barry Watson


  • Program evaluation
  • Social Psychology
  • Arab culture and history


  • Deliverance of an innovative national program for the prevention of early childhood disability.
  • Designed and implemented community based services for people with special needs.
  • National advocate for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.
  • Promotion of women’s rights and delegate to the 1995 UN International Women’s Beijing Conference.

National Level Coordination Committee for Women’s Affairs