Merry Christmas from CARRS-Q!

Tip #1: Don’t drive tired

Are you like 40% of Australians who say they don’t get enough sleep? Driving fatigued can be like driving with a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit! If you are feeling sleepy, stop driving – there is no cure for sleepiness, except sleep.

Tip #2: Watch out for cyclists

When driving, it can be difficult to judge a safe distance from cyclists. You need to keep at least 1 metre away when passing a cyclist in a 60km/h or less speed zone, and at least 1.5 metres away when the speed limit is greater than 60km/h.

Tip #3: Obey the speed limit

There are some simple truths about speeding: the faster you drive, the longer it takes for you to stop, and the more severe the consequences of a crash will be. Sticking to the speed limit can be the difference between life and death.

Tip #4: Don’t follow too close.

Tailgating costs the community hundreds of millions of dollars, leaves countless vehicles smashed from rear-end crashes, and causes traffic chaos and congestion. Remember to slow down, stay aware and leave a 2-second gap to the vehicle in front.