International road safety

Road safety is an issue of global concern. CARRS-Q has a mission to make an international impact on transport, occupational and community safety by conducting high-quality research, education and advocacy. We actively identify and build strong collaborative partnerships with key international organisations ready to engage in capacity-building initiatives

CARRS-Q is committed to the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety and to participating internationally in efforts to promote road safety and reduce road fatalities and injuries through our research.

We are an internationally recognised research Centre, and our researchers collaborate on important global topics and contribute to internationally significant road safety research. Our internationally recognised team of road safety experts are regularly commissioned to undertake research in international road safety.

With the largest program of postgraduate research students in road safety and injury prevention, cross-cultural research is an integral part of our work, and we encourage our students to undertaken research both in Australia and overseas.
More information on our international and cross-cultural research projects is available here.

Capacity building

CARRS-Q delivers international capacity building programs, working with government, industry and communities to inform policy and implement solutions.


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