Research Infrastructure

Through the use of key research infrastructure, we conduct innovative research and expand the scope and significance of our activities.

Advanced Driving Simulator

Funded by the Australian Research Council, QUT, University of Queensland, Department of Transport and Main Roads, RACQ, Motor Accident Insurance Commission and General Motors Holden, CARRS-Q’s Advanced Driving Simulator incorporates a complete Holden Commodore vehicle with working controls and instruments. The Advanced Driving Simulator uses AVSimulation SCANeR™ studio software with eight computers, projectors and a six degree of freedom (6DOF) motion platform which can move and twist in three dimensions. When seated in the vehicle, the driver and passengers are immersed in a virtual environment which includes a 180 degree front field of view, simulated rear view mirror images, surround sound for engine and environment noise, real car cabin and simulated vehicle motion. This software enables the testing of various driverless car scenarios to inform our research.

The simulator is available for use by researchers and industry through contract or collaborative arrangements.

What type of research can it benefit?

AVSimulation Desktop Simulator

This simulator is a portable version of the Advanced Driving Simulator, using the same SCANeR technology from AVSimulation. It can be used with a full racing simulator rig with up to three large screens or on any office desk with a single screen. An Oculus Rift system virtual reality integration can also be added.

Level 4 Automated Vehicle

Funded by Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), Motor Accident Insurance Commission and iMOVE Australia, the ZOE2 electric Cooperative and Automated Vehicle is Australia’s first Level 4 automated light vehicle. ZOE2 is permitted to drive on open roads at normal speeds (manual driving mode) in Queensland and up to 50km/hr in automated driving mode in certain areas. Designed by Institute VEDECOM, ZOE2 is equipped with multiple sensors (LiDARs, radar, stereo-camera, etc.) to record and interact safety with its environment. ZOE2 is an important and innovative research platform to collect and analyse data which will inform future transport policy.

Dedicated Research Vehicle

Our four-wheel drive vehicle is a flexible research and data collection platform, which can be fitted with different sensors, e.g. a development Mobileye ADAS system. An Ibeo laserscanner, a YoGoKo C-ITS box, data loggers, eye trackers such as FaceLab or SMI glasses, etc. can also be fitted.

Physiological sensors

EEG, heart rate and skin conductance monitors, accelerometers, etc. can be incorporated into a research study conducted in our Advanced Driving Simulator, Desktop Simulator or Research Vehicle.


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