Undergraduate Program

Situated within QUT’s Faculty of Health, School of Psychology & Counselling, CARRS-Q has a long history of educating and supervising Psychology Honours students.

Undergraduate Education

CARRS-Q delivers one QUT Faculty of Health elective Undergraduate unit: Human Factors and Safety (PYB374) within the Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology). PYB374 explores the main psychology theories and research methods used in traffic psychology and how these theories and research methods are applied to understand risky driving behaviours. Dr Christopher Watling delivers this unit.

CARRS-Q Honours Bursary

Applications for the 2021 Honours Bursary are now closed.

Prospective Postgraduate Research (Honours) Students can apply for a $3,000 bursary. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours Psychology) and be undertaking research in an area which aligns with CARRS-Q. More information is available here.

Contact carrsq@qut.edu.au for more information.


Our Dedicated Supervisors will provide valuable support on your career pathway from Psychology Honours to a Masters or PhD, perhaps with the Centre.


Education & International Development Officer: carrsq@qut.edu.au or +61 7 3138 4905