Public Education, Community Programs and Advertising Campaigns

This topic relates to public education initiatives. Public education initiatives may include road safety advertising campaigns as well as community and school-based education programs. Public education and road safety advertising campaigns may aim to raise awareness through motivating changes in road users’ attitudes, intentions, and behaviours. Given the changing communication landscape of the 21st Century, in more recent years, advertising campaigns have extended beyond traditional mass media to digital communications including social media.

CARRS-Q researchers have long been actively involved in research in the public education space. For example, we have:

  • Advanced contemporary frameworks of persuasion to aid the development of message content and subsequent evaluation of road safety advertising messages
  • Developed and evaluated road safety advertising messages for risky behaviours including speeding and mobile phone use while driving as well as child pedestrian safety
  • Conducted evaluations of high school and community education programs (e.g. the P.A.R.T.Y program, the RACQ’s Docudrama program)
  • Applied objective measures of message processing and persuasive outcomes (e.g. EEG and in-vehicle GPS data).

Contact: A/Prof Ioni Lewis: or +61 7 3138 4966.