Capacity Building

Tailored capacity building programs

CARRS-Q delivers capacity building road safety and injury prevention courses, seminars and education programs tailored to the needs of individual agencies or countries, across the fields of transport, work-related injury and community safety.

We focus our international capacity building by promoting education programs in collaboration with local agencies. As an internationally recognised research institution, we regularly host visitor exchange and study tour programs.

Our research team have extensive real world experience implementing road safety initiatives by government and non-government agencies, and experience delivering courses in Australia for Australian agencies, and internationally to China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

We work with our clients

We develop an understanding of the context of road safety specific to your country or region and consider factors such as legislation, existing institutional and agency arrangements, economic factors, demographic and geographic challenges, and social and cultural considerations.

We work with you to determine the appropriate agencies and people to invite and involve and a balance between content and practice.

We involve local experts to contribute to a community of road safety exchange of information, and practice.

Australia Award Fellowships

In partnership with the Australia Award Fellowships (formerly AusAID), CARRS-Q worked with future leaders in road safety and traffic policing from Pakistan and China. Our programs enhance leadership capacity by providing dedicated training for police and educators in evidence-based principles and practices of traffic law enforcement and emergency response.

Study tours

CARRS-Q recently hosted a study tour for Indonesian Traffic Police, with the group undertaking capacity building in traffic accident data analysis and response. The two-week visit included a seminar program, independent research and site visits including a briefing with Queensland Police and a visit to our Advanced Driving Simulator.


Education & International Development Officer: or +61 7 3138 4905.