Customised Courses

CARRS-Q delivers high quality professional education and development programs for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners working in the road safety and injury prevention sectors, with the goal of raising the level of safety expertise. These programs translate leading edge research into practice by identifying best practice approaches to reducing trauma and other injury.

Safety Essentials”  comprise a range of customised short courses designed to develop and enhance specialist and multidisciplinary skills and knowledge in the road safety and injury prevention fields. They are aimed at those working in government, industry or community organisations as policy-makers, managers, practitioners, advocates and researchers. Some courses can be modified to suit your requirements, and can be conducted on Campus (Brisbane, Queensland) or off-site (intra and inter-State, overseas).

We also develop and deliver capacity–building road safety courses appropriate to the needs of particular agencies or countries in the fields of transport, occupational and community safety. The Centre applies research-supported principles to the development of its customised education projects, and evaluating the success of these projects.


Education & International Development Officer: or +61 7 3138 4905.