CARRS-Q strengthens its research capabilities by:

  • undertaking capacity building research and education initiatives in other countries;
  • arranging for road safety practitioners from other countries to visit the Centre through programs such as the Australia Award Fellowships and the Endeavour Executive Awards;
  • maintaining links with road safety and injury prevention institutions and organisations in other countries, and maintaining international partnerships with key groups;
  • encouraging international researchers to visit the Centre; and
  • hosting and participating in national and international events and seminars.

Some of our events and seminars are listed below:

Date Details
23/08/2017 Queensland Road Safety Awards and Community Engagement Workshop

Visit our webpage for further details.

20/08/2017 Bundaberg Road Safety Expo

CARRS-Q exhibited at this event organised by Queensland Police Bundaberg District Patrol Group:

10am-4pm – Bundaberg PCYC, 1 Civic Avenue, Bundaberg

20-27/08/2017 Queensland Road Safety Week
14/08/2017 Launch of “The Science of Speed” at QUT’s The Cube
09/08/2017 Professor Klaus Bengler, Fakultat fur Maschinenwesen, Lehrstuhl fur Ergonomie, Technische Universitat Munchen, “Cooperative Driving as a New Paradigm for Highly Automated Vehicles”

12/05/2017 Watch your pace when sharing space launch

As part of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week and Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week, CARRS-Q launched a Queensland-wide initiative “Watch your Pace when Sharing Space” in Samford, Brisbane, due to its high mix of road users, most particularly on weekends.

Our campaign aims to educate people about the vulnerability of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, young and old road users in collisions with cars at relatively low speeds, in the context of a shift in lifestyles towards urban areas where different road users are more likely to be sharing space, and where conflicts between vulnerable road users (VRUs) and vehicles will become more common.

11/05/2017 Queensland Bike Week: Ride2Work Breakfast

Bicycle Queensland held a free breakfast at the Law Courts Plaza on George Street in the Brisbane CBD which was a perfect opportunity for those who’ve always thought about riding to work to join the cycling commuter community and for regular commuters to enjoy a relaxed breakfast with hundreds of fellow riders. CARRS-Q exhibited at the event promoting our safety research and resources.

22/11/2016 Distraction: the problem & potential solutions

As society’s dependency on technology increases, so does the temptation to participate in distracting activities. The problem of distraction is occurring in all walks of life, with significant consequences for road users.

What is the nature and scope of the problem of distraction

What strategies can be adopted to address this issue in the road safety context?

CARRS-Q Researchers presented their latest research on this topic, and invited discussion on the development and implementation of future strategies to help combat this problem. Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 4.4GB]

27/10/2016 Professor Max Donath, Director, Roadway Safety Institute & Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota – “Overview of RSI & Smartphone-Based Teen Driver Support System: Results from a 300 teen driver field operational test”. Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 1.55GB]
22/08/2016 Queensland Road Safety Awards Community Engagement Workshop

This annual event, hosted by CARRS-Q, was held at Victoria Park Golf & Function Centre, Herston Road, Herston, Brisbane.

29/07/2016 Michael Paul Manser, PhD, Program Manager, Senior Research Scientist, Texas A&M Transportation Institute – “The role of driver state detection and vehicle error recognition in addressing driver safety”. Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 646MB]
01/08/2016 Linda Ng Boyle, Professor and Chair, Industrial & Systems Engineering and Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Washington – “Modelling the effects of drivers’ adaptive behaviour on system safety”. Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 493MB]
02-05/08/2016 ICTTP 2016: International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology
CARRS-Q and Griffith University’s School of Applied Psychology hosted ICTTP 2016 in Brisbane, Australia, with the theme of: “Taking Traffic and Transport Psychology to the World”.
08/08/2016 Dr Wouter Van den Berghe, Research Director, Knowledge Centre, Belgian Road Safety Institute – “The development and deployment of the research strategy of the Belgian Road Safety Institute”. View presentation: Motorcycle Safety Research in Belgium.
08/08/2016 Tara Goddard, PhD Candidate, Nohad Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University – “Explicit and Implicit Attitudes and Self-Reported Safety Behaviours in US Drivers towards Bicyclists”.
28/04/2016 Taxi Safety Seminar
Limited research has been conducted into the taxi industry either internationally or within Australia. CARRS-Q has now undertaken research projects within the taxi industry. The results and implications of this research were presented at this seminar, together with a highlight of the progress in the design of a new feedback system to provide driver-specific feedback on driving performance.