CARRS-Q strengthens its research capabilities by:

  • undertaking capacity building research and education initiatives in other countries;
  • arranging for road safety practitioners from other countries to visit the Centre through programs such as the Australia Award Fellowships and the Endeavour Executive Awards;
  • maintaining links with road safety and injury prevention institutions and organisations in other countries, and maintaining international partnerships with key groups;
  • encouraging international researchers to visit the Centre; and
  • hosting and participating in national and international events and seminars.

Some of our events and seminars are listed below:

Date Details
25 Sept 2018 HealthCAM 2018
23 Aug 2017 Queensland Road Safety Awards and Community Engagement Workshop
20 Aug 2017 Bundaberg Road Safety Expo – organised by Queensland Police Bundaberg District Patrol Group.
20-27 Aug 2017 Queensland Road Safety Week
14 Aug 2017 CARRS-Q Launch of “The Science of Speed” at QUT’s The Cube
9 Aug 2017  Professor Klaus Bengler, Fakultat fur Maschinenwesen, Lehrstuhl fur Ergonomie, Technische Universitat Munchen, “Cooperative Driving as a New Paradigm for Highly Automated Vehicles”.

12 May 2017 CARRS-Q Watch your pace when sharing space launch
11 May 2017 Queensland Bike Week: Ride2Work Breakfast
22 Nov 2016 CARRS-Q Seminar – Distraction: the problem & potential solutions

Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 4.4GB]

27 Oct 2016 Professor Max Donath, Director, Roadway Safety Institute & Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota – “Overview of RSI & Smartphone-Based Teen Driver Support System: Results from a 300 teen driver field operational test”. Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 1.55GB]
22 Aug 2016 Queensland Road Safety Awards Community Engagement Workshop
8 Aug 2016 Dr Wouter Van den Berghe, Research Director, Knowledge Centre, Belgian Road Safety Institute – “The development and deployment of the research strategy of the Belgian Road Safety Institute”.

View presentation: Motorcycle Safety Research in Belgium.

8 Aug 2016 Tara Goddard, PhD Candidate, Nohad Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University – “Explicit and Implicit Attitudes and Self-Reported Safety Behaviours in US Drivers towards Bicyclists”.
2-5 Aug 2016 ICTTP 2016: International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology
1 Aug 2016 Linda Ng Boyle, Professor and Chair, Industrial & Systems Engineering and Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Washington – “Modelling the effects of drivers’ adaptive behaviour on system safety”. Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 493MB]
29 July 2016 Michael Paul Manser, PhD, Program Manager, Senior Research Scientist, Texas A&M Transportation Institute – “The role of driver state detection and vehicle error recognition in addressing driver safety”. Download the recording of this seminar [MP4, 646MB]
28 Apr 2016 CARRS-Q Seminar – Taxi Safety