The CARE Research Lab – Communication, Attachment, and Relationship Experiences – highlights the research work being conducted by Honours, Masters and Doctoral students and staff in the area of relationship science in the School of Psychology and Counselling. CARE seeks to promote relationship science and contribute to understanding the factors that promote happy, healthy coupling. Staff and students at the CARE research laboratory utilise developmental and social psychological theories such as adult attachment, communication, attributions, self-regulation, distribution of mental labour, and stress and coping.

While adult intimate relationships are central to many CARE researchers, we also research other types of close relationships, such as parent-child connections or sibships. The research methods employed by CARE researchers include contemporary quantitative approaches, qualitative interview methods and experimental designs.

Our research aims to contribute to the theoretical understanding of relationship science, but it also seeks to contribute positively to practice. Many of our researchers are both academics and registered psychologists who recognise the importance of adopting an evidence-base approach to their practice. CARE is intended to be a collaborative research space and we welcome contact from potential contributors, and seek to share the results of our research with other organisations and the wider community.

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