Sustainable agroecosystems

The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy’s Sustainable Agroecosystems Program sits at the nexus of environmental and agricultural science, enabling real-world research outcomes that benefit both fields for positive global change and food security.

We specialise in the integrated studies of soils, plants and the atmosphere for profitable and environmentally sustainable food and fibre production through innovative management of carbon, nutrients and water.

Our work spans the Australian beef, dairy, grains, cotton, sugar and horticulture industries as well as the export of environmental monitoring expertise throughout North and South America, South Asia, Oceania and Africa.

Real-world innovation

We work closely with agricultural industries to provide practical outcomes for farmers in mitigating soil borne greenhouse gases, improving crop nitrogen fertiliser-use efficiency and soil health, as well as monitoring soil carbon, reactive nitrogen and biogeochemical processes.

Our team develops improved sensing and monitoring technologies across a range of spatial and temporal scales including a portable field mass spectrometer and automated greenhouse gas chambers for in-situ real time measurements of trace gases and flux towers and remote sensing instruments for large scale monitoring of soil carbon sequestration and crop productivity.

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