Food innovation

The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy’s Food Innovation Program is focused on developing innovative ways to promote healthy and sustainable food production and consumption.

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers in nutrition science, synthetic biology, biotechnology, crop science, ecology, sustainability assessment and food and agricultural law. We combine our expertise and collaborate with partners to innovate food systems that support human health and planetary health, while strengthening Australia’s bioeconomy.

Capabilities available for research collaboration

  • Food and nutrition trials (wide range of health-related indicators incl. microbiome, body composition, biomarkers, omics, fitness, elite performance, psychometrics)
  • Novel food development (synthetic biology, precision fermentation, consumer acceptance, food regulation)
  • The study of biodiversity, farmer and community health and wellbeing of farming systems
  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment for studying the sustainability of foods and food systems as well their impacts on human health
  • The holistic study of food systems including social, regulatory, governance aspects
  • Consumer haviour change. Implementation and evaluation of food and nutrition system interventions

Current Food Innovation research activities

We are using synthetic biology and precision fermentation to create novel foods and ingredients that promote health while reducing food waste and environmental impact of food systems

We are using pulses to promote healthy and sustainable eating. Pulses offer a sustainable source of protein and fibre for human health, while supporting biodiversity and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

We are working with international collaborators and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) to develop Life Cycle Assessment methodology for consideration of environmental and health impacts of foods and diets.

Research program leader

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