Sugar milling

The sugar milling group undertakes a wide variety of research, consultancy and training work for sugar milling companies in Australia. Consulting and training services are also extended to sugar milling companies in many overseas countries where strong links have been established over many years. We provide both face to face and online training.

Our work covers the main unit operations in sugar milling (harvesting and delivery of the sugarcane crop to the mill, steam and power generation, juice extraction, clarification, evaporation, crystallisation, fugalling and sugar drying).

Our research work covers development and evaluation of new process technologies as well as evaluating the application of technologies used in other industrial processes, by-product utilisation to develop higher value products, improving process efficiencies, and safety and the environment.

Our consulting services include process audits, equipment design, computational fluid dynamics modelling, energy and material balances, and techno-economic analyses.

Research and development

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