Whole of meat supply chain waste mapping and interventions – Phase 1

Meat Waste Mapping

Project dates: 01/08/2021 - 30/01/2023

This research is about reducing food waste, and in particular meat waste that occurs during the beef product supply chain up to the point of retail. It estimates the amounts, sources and causes of food waste, in order to co-develop waste reduction solutions with industry partners. It is a project of the Fight Food Waste CRC’s Reduce Program (Project 1.1.4). The benefits will be the identification of large cost savings opportunities for the red meat industry, a workforce more skilled in resource efficiency, and increased collaboration and transparency along the supply chain to unlock innovation. The project’s outputs include i) an account of points of potential wastage along the beef supply chain (from processing to retail door), ii) case studies that delve into the factors contributing to waste, and iii) solutions for waste reduction co-developed between researchers and industries.

Funding / Grants

  • Fight Food Waste CRC

Chief Investigators

Other Team Members

RMIT researchers: Simon Lockrey and Allister Hill


Other Partners

Fight Food Waste CRC

Australian County Choice

Australian Food Cold Chain Council