Upgrading the agricultural production systems sIMulator (APSIM) nitrogen cycling and loss routines with data from the National Australian Nitrous Oxide Research Program (NANORP)

Project dates: 01/12/2021 - Ongoing

This investment will access the high precision Nitrogen (N) dataset collected by the NANORP program to develop validate and/or improve soil N algorithms within APSIM that predict daily changes in N pools and movement, plant uptake and N losses. The work will also highlight any further weaknesses in the APSIM N module, gaps in N data to further improve these, and specific recommendations for future N research and development.
This investment will assist in refining the GRDC N strategy and specifying future investments that will ultimately ensure grain growers are ahead of the curve with respect to predicting N cycling and losses and improving fertiliser N use efficiency and environmental outcomes. It will ultimately improve Australia’s competitive advantage in the global grains industry.

Funding / Grants

  • GRDC - Grains Research and Development Corporation (2020 - 2021)

Chief Investigators