Novel multifunctional bagasse-derived biochar doped with nanoparticles to remove non-sugar impurities from sugarcane juice

Novel multifunctional bagasse-derived biochar

This project is one of CAB’s 2020 Future Leaders Funding opportunities.

This project is designed to remove soluble metal ions (e.g., calcium, magnesium, silicon and potassium) proteins, polysaccharides and colourants from sugarcane juice. Hydroxyapatite (HAP), magnesium oxide (MgO) and calcium sulphate (CaSO4) will be used to cross-link biomass-derived porous carbon to produce a multifunctional adsorbent. A composite carbon/HAP adsorbent has been fabricated and tested and has shown to significantly reduce juice colour and reasonable proportions of silicon, calcium and magnesium. Further work will redesign the adsorbent to enhance its efficacy for the removal of non-sugar impurities.

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